TopicTop Bass Fishing Tips - Part Three - Bass Fishing From Shore

  • Wed 18th Mar 2020 - 6:55am

    Welcome to the third article in the series Top Bass Fishing Tips. In today's article we are going to look at bass fishing from shore. Before we do again if you have missed any of the previous articles in the series, do a quick search and I'm sure you find them as the goal behind this series is to you with top bass fishing tips so that you can catch more bass best baitcast reels under 100.

    Bass fishing from shore is not a new concept. In fact I think for most of my life I would consider myself a shore fisherman. Bass fishing from shore is a great opportunity for a lot of learning and experience in learning how to catch more bass.

    The key to shore fishing is, knowing where to be at the right time. Smallmouths are great for catching from shore as often their haunts will only be casts length from the shoreline. The trick in getting the key right with shore fishing is understanding structure. If you were fishing from shore in the middle of summer in a spot devoid of weeds the I could safely say that you're wasting your time trying to catch more bass that way. Now if that same shoreline was full of weeds and stumps, then I would be all over it big time. Also what is the bank structure? Does it taper off gradually; does it have a fast slop into deeper water? These are the kinds of questions you need to ask yourself as a shore fisherman before setting that pole in the water.

    Also another great bass fishing tip from shore is for dock and pier fisherman. Bait and food tend to gather on the windward side of a pier or dock. This is the area where the wind is blowing and bringing in the food and baitfish. Fishing on the other side of the dock or pier might bring fish, but you'll more luck fishing on the side where the wind is blowing in. Find the food and baitfish, and you can find Bass.

    The next top bass fishing tips is in learning when to fish. Ask any great shore fisherman and he'll tell you evenings and early mornings are the best time for success. The reason being, these low light conditions help to conceal the bass, making him feel less vulnerable plus it also gives a bass an advantage for his own ambushes on his food source. During the middle of the day is when most fish bass included hold even tighter to structure, and unless that structure is within casting range from shore, you can sure bet the bass have moved to deeper haunts till the evening comes.

    There you have it a couple quick bass fishing tips, that are sure to help the shore fisherman. Tomorrow we will continue in our series of top bass fishing tips and I hope you continue to follow along in this series.

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